Compass Construction


Printed on real wood veneer

Building a brand for a builder (say that 10 times..)
Navigating the world of home construction and renovation can be challenging. So when the owner of a local construction company wanted help naming his business, as well as conveying his expertise through a website and branding campaign, he came to createTWO. He knew he needed to put prospective clients at ease with the process of building or remodeling a home.

The name was key. We didn’t want to rely on simply the owner’s last name – we wanted a company name that could sum up how this builder worked. We held several brainstorming sessions, tossing around various words related to the industry. But none of them seemed quite right.

Then someone suggested “Compass.” We knew we’d found a winner.

Our client kept saying over and over that he wanted to help people navigate this complex process. What better way to sum up that idea than with the word “compass?” Plus, it flowed off the tongue – Compass Construction. The client loved it.

We created a simple mark and text logo, with stylized letters and the feel of tools. It’s simple, but illustrates the company’s brand and style.

When the website build began, we crafted copy that focused on educating the client through the entire construction process. We positioned the client as the EXPERTS – because they are. And because you can’t tell a builder’s story without fantastic images, we had professional photography taken of a wide range of projects.

Compass Construction was extremely happy with the results of their work with createTWO, which has led to increased company awareness and business.

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